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 Aviation stamps for sale
I am listing some aviation/aircraft stamps I have for sale.  I have a large stock and will be listing in lots. These are scans of stamps that are actually in stock, so what you see is what you get.  Description, cat nos & prices are those of  Stanley Gibbons. 

Pricing:  All prices are in  US Dollars and are generally (but not always) 1/3rd SG catalog value.  Prices of MVLH or MH are adjusted according to condition. 

Condition: All stamps are in excellent condition.  Used are generally FU, 
MNH - mint never hinged.
MLVH = Mint very lightly hinged, no remnant  of hinge.
MH - mint hinged, may have remnant of hinge.

I am a collector so I will not sell what I would not buy myself.  Needless to say that all I am selling is guaranteed genuine.

You can see the scans and judge for yourself

Payment by paypal.
Shipping: US$2 worldwide upto 20gms, thereafter $1 for every additional 10gms.  Registration is US$ 5 extra. I offer combined shipping.  So you save on shipping when you order multiple items.  All items are securely packed to ensure that there's no damage in transit.  
Free shipment on orders over $50.

 Inauguration of DC-8F Air Services.   FU
 Price: US.$0.50
Ivory Coast SG.279.           Upper Volta. SG 200 

Andorra. 1983 Bicentenary of Manned Flight. 
SG F329.   MNH.   Price: US.$0.70 

 Alderney.  1985 50th Anniv of Alderney Airport.  SG. A18-A22. 

Cat. £.13.10.  MNH.  Price: US.$6

Benin.  1981 International Letter Writing Week.
SG 841. Cat. £.0.95.  MNH. Price: US.$0.50

 Brazil. 1983 Bicentenary of Manned Flight.  
SG 2058.  Cat. £.10.  MNH. Price: US.$5

Cameroon.   1976.Concorde's First Commercial Flight, Paris to Rio de Janeiro.  SG MS769.

Cat. £.7.75.  MNH. Price: US.$4

Cameroon. 1979 Air. 1st Atlantic Crossing by Balloon.  SG 871.

Cat. £.2.  Price: US.$1

Chad. 1977 Air. "North Atlantic"'Concorde. SG501. 

Cat. £.2.30.  MNH. Price: US.$1

Cuba.  1983 Bicentenary of Manned Flight.
SG.2882-1887. FU  Cat. £2.05.  Price: US.$1

Djibouti Republic.  1979 Air. 75th Anniv of Powered Flight.   SG 761.  FU

Cat. £2.30  FU  Price: US.$1.  

Dominica. F1 fighter souvenir sheet. 
SG SG MS251a. Cat. £.4.25. MNH.  Price: US.$2.

French Southern & Antarctic Territories. 
 1969  1st Flight of Concorde.  SG 53. 

Cat. £60MVLH  Price: US.$20.

France.  1971  Centenary of Paris Balloon Post.  
SG 1907 .  MNH.  Price: US.$0.50.

Gabon.  1983 Air. Ballooning Anniversaries. 
SG 857-59. Cat. £4.05.  MNH. Price US$2.


Grenada. 1983 Bicentenary of Manned Flight.  SG.MS1266. MNH.  Price US$1.

Grenada Grenadines. 1985 40th Anniv of International Civil Aviation Organization.  
SG 660-663.   Cat. £7.90. MNH. Price US$4. 

Grenada.  2003 Centenary of Powered Flight.  
SG MS 3826a.     Cat. £3.50.  MNH. Price US$1.75 

Guinea.  1984 Personalities.  August Picard with stratosphere balloon.  SG 1127 + MS.
Cat. £8.50. MNH.  Price US$4. 

Hungary.  1978  Famous Aviators and their Airplanes.  SG MS3184
Cat. £7.  MNH. Price US$3. 

Isle of Man.  1978 60th Anniv of Royal Air Force.  SG 107-110.  MNH.  Price US$1.

Mauritania.  Lot of airmail stamps.  Price US$2

Mauritania.. 1977 History of Aviation. SG 554-558
Cat. £5 FU Price US$2.50

1984 Birth Centenary of Auguste Piccard. 
 Piccard's Stratosphere Balloon.  
SG 1658.   Cat. £1.30  MNH.  Price US$0.50

Nevis.  1986 50th Anniv of Spitfire (fighter aircraft).  SG. 372-375. MNH. Price US$1.

 New Caledonia. 1982 Air. New Caledonian Aircraft. SG 670-671.    Cat. £7.25  MNH.  Price US$3.50   SOLD 

Palau.  1985 Air. 50th Anniv of First Trans-Pacific Airmail Flight. SG MS 93
Cat. £3.75  MNH. Price US$2.

Paraguay.  Famous Aviators.   FU   Price US$2.

San Marino.  Pioneer Aviators. MNH.   Price US$1

St. Thomas & Prince Is.  FU  Price US$1

Tanzania.  Military planes. FU   Price US$0.50

Turkey.  1985 60th Anniv of Turkish Aviation League.  
SG 2887-2888. MNH.   Price US$1.

Wallis & Futuna Islands. 
1976. 1st Commercial Flight of Concorde.  
SG 253.  Cat. £48. MVLH  Price US$18.

Wallis & Futuna Islands.  Airmail stamp.
SG 752.  Cat. £8.25  Price US$3.

Wallis & Futuna Islands.  
1977 . 1st Commercial Flight of Concorde, Paris-New York. 
SG 270.  Cat. £28. MVLH  Price US$10.

Antigua Barbuda.   Coolidge International Airport.  
SG.738-741. cat.£.2.75. MNH. Price: US.$1.25. SOLD

Cuba  2006 Aircraft.  SG 1961-67.  MNH

Cat. £7.70  MNH.  Price: US.$3.50 

Djibouti Republic. 1978 Air. Djibouti Aero Club.  
SG 721-723. Cat. £3.75. FU Price: US.$1.75. SOLD

Gabon.  1967  Famous Aircraft.  SG 88-90.   
 Cat. £25.  MNH.  Price US$12. SOLD

Gibraltar.  2011. 75th anniversary Supermarine Spitfire.
MNH.  Face: £3.01  ($4.70).  MNH. Price US$5.50 SOLD 

Liberia.  1978 "Progress in Aviation". 
SG 1327-1332.   Cat. £2.30  MNH. Price US$1.  SOLD 

Marshall Islands.  1987 Aviators.  SG 111-116.
Cat. £6  MNH.  Price US$3   SOLD 

Samoa. 1998 80th Anniv of the Royal Air Force.  
SG 1029-1032  Cat. £5.90  MNH.  Price US$3.

Turks & Caicos Islands.  1982 Aircraft.  SG 716-719.
 Cat. £2.10 MNH. Price US$1.50. SOLD

Ireland. 1986 50th Anniv of Aer Lingus (airline).  SG 637-638   Cat. £3.30   MNH. Price US$1.50  SOLD 

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